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IT Service and Support Malaysia

Emphasis on the Support of Alpha Support in maintaining our specialized and efficient services on IT consultation, networking, IT support outsourcing, relocating, data processing and backup, cloud service, audit service on asset inventory, remote support services and phone repair services and IT consulting services in Malaysia. We are a dedicated IT support company in Malaysia with a mission to help and support our clients with their IT issues and problems by providing customized IT support solutions in Kuala Lumpur as well as providing top-notch IT service in Malaysia. We are also an authorized reseller for various notable companies and major IT Brands.

Optimize IT Assets and Security Management

Managing IT inventory, configuration, security, patching and software licenses can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone. The emergence of new technology in a diverse and complicated business environment has forced the IT professional to face ever-increasing list of threats and challenges concerning IT asst management workload and security.

JP1/IT Desktop management 2 (JP1/ITM2), a web-based solution, that helps your organization to manage IT asset information and mitigate security risks such as unauthorized access, viruses and information leaks. It also aids organization to take speedy measures to enhance internal controls by enforcing company- wide IT compliance with its IT policies such as governing software licenses.

Experts in IT Support Services in Malaysia

In providing an array of networking among independent computer professionals that are skilled, trained and best at what they do, we are able to create the best IT support solutions in Kuala Lumpur to fulfil the needs of all computer users. When you are looking for managed IT services in Malaysia, with our years of experience and expertise, we’ve exceeded our client expectations, in turn making us the best managed IT service provider.

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We are dedicated to creating sustainable IT services and support in Malaysia to our clients with proper ethical practices that are beneficial and helpful to all. Throughout quality services, we managed to be the best IT support services in Kuala Lumpur as well.

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Catering to all types of computer users, our company appropriately provides managed IT solutions in Malaysia. If you're looking for outsourcing IT services in Malaysia, Alpha Support is your best solutionAlpha Support is the leading brand in IT consulting services in Malaysia.

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